Flightradar24 Data Regarding Lion Air Flight JT610

ion Air flight JT610 departed Jakarta for Pangkal Pinang at 06:20 local time (23:20 UTC) on 29 October and lost contact shortly after departure. Flightradar24 received the last ADS-B message from the aircraft at 23:31:56 UTC at an altitude of 425 feet AMSL. The flight was operated by Boeing 737 MAX 8 registration PK-LQP. The aircraft was delivered to Lion Air on 13 August 2018, just over two months ago and entered service with the airline on 18 August. It is powered by two CFM LEAP-1B engines.

JT610 flight path

The aircraft departed Jakarta at 23:20 UTC. Last data was received from the aircraft 11 minutes later at 23:31 UTC.

JT610 granular ADS-B data

Normal ADS-B data is processed at a 5 second interval for display on Flightradar24’s website and mobile apps. Granular data is stored as received in intervals much smaller than 5 seconds. We have downloaded the granular ADS-B data from receivers in the area and processed it. The full granular CSV file for the flight is included below for download. The first chart below shows the Calibrated altitude (feet, above mean sea level), Ground speed (knots), and derived Vertical speed (feet per minute) received as part of the ADS-B data from the aircraft for the entire flight.

The second chart below shows the same graph, but only displays the data for the last minute of received data.