For the New Beginners: ATC Basics, The Call Structure

Airport Two-Way Radio Communications

Basic Terminology:

– Who are you calling? The station that we made a call.. LAKELAND Tower/ LAKELAND Ground / Tampa Approach/ Traffics in this freqency (For uncontrolled airports)

– Who are you? Registartion Number Of Aircraft- Each Aircraft has to have a call sign..

– Where are you (With information?) Current ATIS Letter in Airport (Information C)

– What we want to do (Intention)? (Close Traffic, Nort Bound Practising Area etc.)


– Before Taxi


“Lakeland ground – N4325L at the Tailwheels ramp with information (Example – X-RAY) requesting taxi to the runway Traffic pattern or North Bound Departure”

– Lakeland Ground
– Call sign (N4325L/N20357)
– At the Thailwheels Ramp
– With Information X-Ray
– Taxi to Departure (Stay in the Pattern, North-, East-, South-, Westbound)


(Call Sign, Information, Taxi Route, Intersection, Intention, Position…. )
N4325L Lakeland Ground, cleared to taxi for Hold short of Runway 09 via taxiway E, B, D, F and P2, report cros runway 05.

– Before Departure/Take off (Holding Short)


“Lakeland Tower N4325L holding short runway 9 intersection/at Papa 2  ready for take off”

-Lakeland Tower
-Call Sign
-Holding short at RW 9 at P2
-Ready for Take off


(Make left/right close traffic, Report midfield on down wind/abeam the numbers, Proceed on course – CLEAR FOR TAKE OFF)



“N4325L CLEAR FOR TAKE OFF (Left close traffic – Right close traffic…)”


After Take off                                                   


-Extend upwind/downwind, make right/left 360, -traffic 11 o
‘clock 2 mile final 1000’ final (unable to see/traffic insight) (follow the traffic/ maintain visual seperation)

when you request N-E-S-W- Bound departure:

N733KC proceed on course
– straight a head
– north bound departure approved

Out of (Specific) Airspace:

Frequency Change Approved

Entering Airspace:


Executive tower N20357 approximately 10 miles south with information Romeo inbound fullstop/touch and go/stop and go/ one touch and go and north bound departure                                                                 


Opening Flight Plan

+ YOU / -FSS

(St. Petersburg Radio 122.1T 116.0R)

+St. Petersburg Radio N4325L transmitting on 122.1 Receiving 116.0

– go ahead

+I want to open my flight plan from lakeland to ocala

-your flight plan has been activated. Is there anything I can do for you today?

+No, thanks
                                                                 Closing Flight Plan

(Ocala FSS Gainsville 133.7R 122.1T)

+Gainsville Radio N4325L transmitting on 122.1 receiving on 113.7

-go ahead

+I want to close my flight plan from Lakeland to Ocala

-Your flight plan has been closed. Is there anything I can do for you today?

+No, thanks



                                                   Tampa  Approach 119.9


+Tampa Approach N733KC

-Go ahead N733KC / Standby

+N733KC is approximately 8 miles north of the lakeland at 2000′ climbing to 3500′ feet  requesting flight following from lakeland to ocala

-aircraft type

+cessna 172

-squawk 0666 and ident


-frequency change jacksonville approach 123…

+frequency change jacksonville approach …

– your flight following has been terminated squawk vfr (1200)

+roger squawk VFR