Good Experience. FAA CAE Learjet Type Rating

Learjet 35

Hello everyone..
CAE DFW building and operation are at the top of the scale. Clean, state of the art classrooms, nice cafeteria (lunch-books) and pretty good food as well. Instruction for systems is good and all the people I met were happy and helpful. 
I want to share my CAE Initial Type Rating Experience, making me a little sad and affecting flight performance.

I started the Learjet 35 PIC Type Rating Training almost 2 weeks ago, each students was paired with another student, buddy.
Performed all Ground lessons with a buddy. but my buddy had to leave before starting SIM Sessions due to health problem (Not Corona::)) )
My fate..
That s why I started flying SIM Sessions with two instructor pilot, one is on the computer, another one is the one sitting next to me. In the beginning, I thought It would be useful for my SIM Sessions. On the contrary, This created more stress on me and reduced my performance (think of four eyes looking for mistakes and criticizing you !!!!
This s an initial training with high-performance jet, I m not a super pilot and prone to make mistakes. Normally I was very happy with my instructor pilot, nice and experienced pilot, very instructive and dedicated. Other instructors (assistant instructor pilot) sitting next to me were not the same as my instructor. In the last Preflight Briefing, I argued with the assistant Instructor pilot, Due to the reason I couldn’t answer the question he asked me. He suddenly pissed off. I told him You are not in a position to do so. If you do so, I can’t stand this one. This s a disappointing story.. Can you imagine how mood I am.
Yesterday, I completed my 6th SIM session without giving any break.. Totally I had 15 H SIM Training with 2 Instructor Pilot.
However, I realized that the other students having buddies had totally 30 H training, less stress, more cooperation. Because they were exchanging the seats (Right and left seat.), It means that other students had 30 H. SIM Time, more experience and CRM, less stress, more familiarization, and cooperation. But I couldn’t have.

My training will be ending this week. But to tell the truth, This situation made me very sad.
I need your all advice. If you ll join any training, Pls take into account what I m talking about..
Tomorrow I ll talk to the Type Training Manager directly and ask for support. Thinking CAE has corporate rules to manage this kind of deficiencies.

Now I ask my friends from the forum. What should I have done in this situation? Have any of you trained CAE or had experience with the same situation?  All comments welcome to find the best course of action. Thanks in advance.

2 Thoughts to “Good Experience. FAA CAE Learjet Type Rating

  1. Ozan Uyanik

    It is very disappointing to see such a situation. While CAE is considered one of the top class type rating provider, that case is not acceptable at all… I think that assistant instructor pilot’s behavior does not match with CRM. (Check: leadership, self awareness, communication).
    Also, the injustice related to simulator hours will affect the quality of training adversely. It makes me sorry to hear such stories still. I believe CAE DFW is going to notice its mistake and fix it as soon as possible.

  2. Flying Falcon

    Hi, First of all, thats pretty upsetting what youve gone through…
    and secondly no matter what, an instructor pilot should be constructive rather than being destructive in order to provide the best training.
    arent you supposed to have the exact same sessions with same hours as others? it is definitely not your fault, and you shouldnt be the one who suffers… I am not sure how it works at ‘cae’, but I havent encountered anything like this before…

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