It is a charter flight from the province of San Juan. On board the ship there were 10 passengers. The airport will be closed for a few hours

A private plane got lost this Thursday morning at the Mendoza airport, which must have temporarily closed its operations.

As officially reported, the accident occurred at the time of landing. A failure in the right rear landing gear is believed to be the cause. Although there were moments of panic among the passengers, none were injured.

According to reports, the Vuela transferred at least 10 executives from the mining and oil industry from the province of San Juan.

The TC pilot from Mendoza, Matías Jalaf, witnessed the confusion that caused the cancellation of the flight that was to take him to Ezeiza.

Speaking to local radio stations, Jalaf said that the plane was waiting to take off when they were told that the flight was canceled due to an oversight. ” The ship was quite far away, but from what you could see it was not serious,” he said.

According to the TC pilot, after the accident the protocol was deployed as a precaution and  with the hydrant truck they threw a kind of foam around the ship. “ I imagine you have spilled some flammable liquid like fuel,” he added.

From the pre-boarding hall, Jalaf said that the airport authorities communicated that the terminal was going to remain closed for several hours, while he waits to know if his flight will be rescheduled or directly canceled.

The Córdoba Transportation Safety Board and ANAC immediately took action.