Helicopter crashed in ISTANBUL, All occupants rescued..

Private Helicopter (BELL 430, TC HYU) under the operation of Turkish CAA crashed into the sea under unknown circumstances. Both occupants survived the crash and were rescued.

helicopter crashed off the coast of Bostanci neighborhood in Istanbul’s Kadiköy district on Sept. 6, injuring two passengers, Demirören News Agency reported.

The injured one were taken to a nearby hospital.

In a statement, the Istanbul Governor’s Office said the helicopter belonged to a private company.

“The technical teams have carried out the necessary analysis at the scene of the crash,” the governor’s office said.


Demirören News Agency said the helicopter belonged to UNVER Aviation company and was on its way from Kartal district on Istanbul’s Asian side to the Sefaköy neighborhood of Küçükçekmece district on the city’s European side.

According to the local sources at the hospital, Pilot Ismet OZGUR said “I made a huge effort to crash land the helicopter into the sea, but I couldn’t,”

Pilot has  transferred to hospital.

One of the witnesses said , ” There was a heavy fog over the coast, Marmara Sea  and adverse foggy weather caused  the crash ”


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