How to become a Commercial Pilot in USA, even including EASA, JAA ATP with in 10 Months..

American Pilot Academy is very proud of your close interest. That means we have been doing the things right for you. You are all closely and eagerly  interested in having the qualified information about Flight Training in USA, your questions are very welcome.
Firstly, APA is assessing that The new era all over the word will be belonging to the aviators in every in every line of aviation, aerospace term.. Let s take a look to the strong demand for Pilots and maintenance personnel. 

As global economies expand and airlines take delivery of tens of thousands of new commercial jetliners over the next 20 years, there is extraordinary demand for people to fly and maintain these airplanes.

Between now and 2036, the aviation industry will need to supply more than 2 million new commercial airline pilots, maintenance technicians, and cabin crew.

The 2017 Boeing Pilot & Technician Outlook, a respected industry forecast of personnel demand, projects that 637,000 new commercial airline pilots, 648,000 new maintenance technicians, and 839,000 new cabin crew will be needed to fly and maintain the world fleet over the next 20 years.

Educational outreach and career pipeline programs will be essential to inspiring the next generation of pilots, technicians, and cabin crew. Early student engagement and defined aviation career paths will help expand the reach to new demographics. The growing diversity and mobility of aviation personnel will require instructors to have cross-cultural, cross-generational, and multilingual skills to engage with tomorrow’s workforce.

As personnel demand increases over the next two decades, the aviation industry will need to find innovative solutions to keep pace with training requirements. Course curriculums will need to be tailored to enable optimum learning and knowledge retention. Immersive technologies, adaptive learning, and new teaching methods will also be needed to effectively meet a wide range of learning styles.

The commercial aviation industry will require 466,650 pilots and 596,500 maintenance personnel over the next 20 years to accommodate the strong demand for new and replacement aircraft, according to a crew assessment forecast from Boeing. On the yearly basis. Airlines will be needing an average of 23,300 new pilots and 30,000 new maintenance personnel per year from 2010 to 2029.“As APA (American Pilot Academy), Our aim is to arrange the training assets and engage the future generation of people who are eager to join Aviation World as a qualified airmen (PILOT), who will fly and maintain the more than 30,000 airline planes that will be delivered by 2029. The regional sharing averagely will be like that: Europe will need 94,800 new pilots and 122,000 of maintenance personnel; Africa and the Middle East will need 32,700 new pilots and 44,500 maintenance personnel. But; the largest growth in both pilots and maintenance workers will be countries in Asia-Pacific—180,600 and 220,000 respectively. In Asia, China will experience the greatest need for pilots and maintenance personnel – 70,600 and 96,400 respectively.

Let s start the procedures on the course of being Pilot,

Please See The Below Steps For better understanding:

Let s start giving some tips about our training, FAA/EASA License Flight Training Periods and Procedures.

We have to explain the things making APA different from others in USA.

We have succeeded three important things since we came to USA, these are respectively, We Accelerated the Flight Training, Combined the Flight Training and started “Initial Preperation  Training” for newcomers. Let me give information about each of them..

Accelerated Flight Training, I know well the Flight Schools in TURKEY and period of time to have the ATP License which is lasting almost 2 years. So we had to

save your time and money for reaching your aims in flight training as soon as possible, In other words, We succeeded in reducing the Flight Training time to 10 months for EASA ATP License, including 230 H flight, appromately 200 Hours in USA, entitled to receive PPL , IR Pilot Licenses and PIC Times, and 30-40 Hours in Europe for license conversion from FAA to EASA and 14-theory lessons.

Combined Flight Training, students start studying  14 EASA Lessons as soon as They get their FAA PPL License, after completing their training in USA They take the EASA Exams in our EASA Flight School in Smart Aviation, located in POLAND; Poznan. This is an innovation to our students  in terms of both saving the time and refreshment of flight skills.  Our main aim is to make the procedures understandable and simple. We don t want any time consuming process in flight training.

Third one is the Initial Preparation Training, We started this comprehensive and  unique training under the light of experience we have had so far . Initial Preparation Training is the kind of training making you aware and informed about the problems and troubled Our student pilots run in to, including at least 3 Hours practical flight, 10 H. Simulator training and 10 H. theory lessons just before the PPL and IR, which is gone a give u better familiarization to Flight Terminology, Subject Matters, Regulations before starting the training,

Here are all the things We have done for now.

We just look for English proficiency skills in speaking, understanding and listening. If you r qualified with English Proficiency. there is nothing else to do, other than coming to USA.

Let say again OUR MOTTO !

To become a pilot should not be so easy, fast and funny .. I would like to remind you again Pilot Training requires full commitment, considerable interest, extraordinary struggle and dedicated work.

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UMIT OZTURK,PhD,  Founder of American Pilot Academy, Certified Flight Instructor,  CFII.