How to get Restricted Radiotelephone License & Operator Permit ? How to acquire an FRN number from the FCC ? FCC new user registration … more

Step 1 – With FCC, you have to first register for FRN Number – FCC Registration Number on CORES (Commission Registration System) Here is a link to get one – 

Step 2 – Log on to FCC’s license management system(using the login information you created in step 1), and select RR – Restricted Radiotelephone from the drop down menu. Here is a link to license management site – 

Answer No to all 3 questions on the next page, go through couple other steps including certification, pay the fee and you are done. (click the pic on the right)

Hope this helps. 

Airline application paperwork WITH LINKS

FCC User Profile and FRN Registration for New Radio Operators

New radio operator applicants are encouraged to create a FCC user profile, as well as, a FCC Registration Number (FRN) before taking the first license examination. This video will walk through the process of creating the FCC user profile and FRN.

How to Search for Your Ham License in the FCC ULS database.