No injuries reported in Turkish Cessna business jet runway excursion at Bourgas Airport

Operations at the Bourgas Airport on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast were briefly interrupted on August 31 after a Turkish-registered Cessna Citation Sovereign business jet suffered an apparent runway excursion, but no one was injured in the incident.

Initial accounts suggested that the excursion occured prior to take off, but subsequent reports said it was during the plane’s landing that it found itself in one of the grass areas outside the airport’s runway.

The incident shut down operations for half an hour between 2pm and 2.30pm local time at the Bourgas Airport, but none of the three crew members on board were injured, reports said. The aircraft was towed away and reportedly showed some damage to its front wheels.

Photographs published by Bourgas newspaper Flagman showed its tail number as TC-OYD, identifying the plane as a nine-passenger Cessna Citation Sovereign manufactured in 2012 and owned by Turkish charter operator Boydak Havacılık Transport and Trading Co.