PilotsGlobal Announces Launch Of New Digital Platform for Pilots; Simplifying Job Search Process

PilotsGlobal introduces a new way to connect Pilots with job opportunities

WILMINGTON, DE, USA, September 7, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — PilotsGlobal announced today the official launch of its new digital platform for pilots, aiming to simplify the job search process and connect active pilot job seekers with employers in a more efficient way during COVID-19 pandemic recovery and throughout their entire professional career.

The solution brings to the market a unique set of technologies allowing pilots to search the largest centralized pool of job opportunities, access structured job market information, and help aviation employers fill open positions faster and at a lower cost.

“Pilot job search technologies were behind compared to what is being offered today to job seekers in other recruitment verticals, with vacancy announcements being spread across hundreds of different places and lacking sophisticated search tools; in fact this has been the case for years. Contrast this with the job market we have today; a constant challenge to source qualified candidates that is leaving many air carriers to face difficulty filling their open Flight Crew positions – we felt something had to be done.

We are proud to have built a unique technology addressing this disconnect and filling the gap in the market; allowing pilots to easily find and connect with appropriate opportunities worldwide, and carriers fill their positions faster. Furthermore, we are the first platform addressing this issue for both Airline and Business Aviation market segments in equal measure.”, said Gregory Newman, VP of Public Relations at PilotsGlobal.

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in massive pilot layoffs, furloughs, and early retirements worldwide; the sudden dip in pilot candidate supply followed by quick industry rebound and start of rehiring has shown that pilot recruitment is more difficult to manage than recruitment processes in most other industries. With the added pressure of COVID-19 to what already has been a challenging industry to hire in, PilotsGlobal is a warmly welcomed solution by both Pilots and employers on the market.

“PilotsGlobal is warmly received by pilots; we are already seeing significant traffic to our website from pilots based in the United States, Europe, Middle-East, and across Asia-Pacific; with over 25,000 job views per week. Furthermore, most of the pilots registering on our platform have way over 4,000 flight hours, proving there is a significant pool of qualified candidates to fill cockpit seats. We are constantly adding new functionalities to our product in order to support the market even more during these difficult times.“ said Gregory Newman of PilotsGlobal.

With stakeholders made up of current and former aviation professionals, as well as recruitment technology experts from all corners of the globe; the PilotsGlobal team brings a best of breed experience to pilots who previously did not have a centralised place to search for job opportunities, and helps carriers identify talent to expand their growing fleets. The PilotsGlobal team is exceedingly excited to bring their product and support to the market, and stand ready to support the entire aviation industry during COVID-19 rebound and throughout further growth.

Pilots can visit PilotsGlobal.com now to start, and complete, their job search.

About PilotsGlobal

PilotsGlobal is an aircraft Pilot employment website with job listings worldwide.

An example of a vertical search; PilotsGlobal is strictly focused on the single topic of pilot recruitment by offering cockpit crew professionals the largest centralized pool of up to date job opportunities and sophisticated search functionalities.

Vacancies on PilotsGlobal are available in over 160 countries with direct applications to employers.

Platform Website – https://pilotsglobal.com
Press Media Kit – https://pilotsglobal.com/media-kit

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