Plane Beech C 99 carrying UPS packages crashes at Hastings airport, Nebraska

HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) – A twin-engine plane (N213AV) battling high-winds crash landed at the Hastings airport Friday morning.
Hastings Police said the Air Ameriflight plane was carrying UPS packages. The crash was reported at 7:49 Friday morning. Neither the pilot nor a passenger in the plane were injured.

The aircraft experienced a loss of directional control and subsequent runway excursion upon landing on runway 04 at Hastings Municipal Airport (KHSI), Nebraska, USA. The airplane came to rest nose down, sustaining substantial damage, and the two pilots onboard and one passenger were not injured.


Hastings Police said the pilot was flying in from the southwest and skidded off one runway, across another runway and stopped just off the second runway. The plane’s front landing gear broke off. The plane came to rest nose down.

When rescue workers arrived at the scene, they saw smoke coming from the plane’s engine compartment, but saw no visible flames.

The names of the pilot and passenger were not available.

Online records from the FlightAware tracking service indicate that the flight took off from Omaha shortly before 7:00 Friday morning. Online FAA records show that the plane was a multi-engine turbo-prop Beech C-99 registered to UAS Transervices of Boca Raton, FL.

METAR Reports at the time of accident:

11:53 UTC / 06:53 local time:

KHSI 161153Z AUTO 10020G34KT 10SM OVC033 06/03 A2951 RMK AO2 PK WND 10037/1140 LTG DSNT E AND W SLP990 60002 70002 T00610028 10089 20061 55007

12:53 UTC / 07:53 local time:
KHSI 161253Z AUTO 11021G35KT 10SM FEW015 BKN031 OVC046 06/03 A2951 RMK AO2 PK WND 08038/1202 RAB06E17 SLP991 P0000 T00560028

As of Friday morning the Hastings airport was closed and authorities were waiting for Federal Aviation Administration investigators to arrive.