Plane With 202 Passengers on Board Returns to Russia’s Ufa Due to Engine Fire

The Tu-204 airplane of Russia’s Red Wings airline, which departed from Ufa to Sochi on Wednesday morning, returned to the airport just minutes after takeoff due to fire outbreak in the left engine, with no casualties caused by the accident, Ufa airport reported on Wednesday.

Russian plane engine bursts into flames with hundreds of passengers on board..

A plane with hundreds of tourists on board made an emergency landing in Russia after one of its engines caught fire soon after takeoff.

All 202 passengers plus crew members were safely evacuated from the Red Wings Tu-204 at Ufa in the Ural mountains.

Tourists on flight number 808 filmed the left-side engine as it sparked and was engulfed in flames.

“There were 202 passengers on board, no injuries reported,” a spokesperson for Ufa airport said.

“All firefighting and rescue units at the airport worked in line with the emergency plan.

“Passengers were evacuated with the help of inflatable emergency escape slides seven minutes after the landing.”

The plane was en route to Sochi, Russia’s main summer seaside resort on the Black Sea.

The plane landed at 5.06 am local time, the airport’s website confirmed. Psychologists and airline representatives were reported to be working with shocked passengers.

The Russian-made plane is undergoing tests. The airline was re-routing passengers to their destination with other services.