Unquestionable aircraft finally down, 2 dead.

Two people were killed in the crash of a training aircraft in the Manavgat district of the Turkish province of Antalya on Tuesday,

The pilot and co-pilot were killed when a TC KIM training plane fell to the ground at Manavgat district of Antalya. Their bodies were retrieved from the wreckage, Mustafa Yigit, Governor of Manavgat district, said in a statement.

Gendarmeries and rescue teams were dispatched to the scene after the accident. The cause of the crash has not been determined yet.

According to Aviation Sources , the aircraft belonged to a private company called as YILDIZ Air. The wreckage of the plane was found by rescuers in a rural area. ​The cause of the disaster is still unknown.

Same sources confirmed that The training aircraft had another emergency concerning Engine failure last year, Following a loss of engine power the aircraft force landed in an open field at 5 km of Çorlu Airport (TEQ) Tekirdağ. There is no damage to the plane and the sole pilot experienced solo flight  onboard was not injured.


In addition these, Aircraft got engaged in small incident 2 months ago, In IZMIR, Alaçatı, During the video footage of Aviation Company, Plane hit the roof of the Van which has taking the video. After this incident, There was no damage to Aircraft but damaged to the VAN.

Turkish CAA started investigation about the accident.