The Best Way To Practice DyNed English Examniaton

What is DyNed ?

DynEd courseware is designed to help you acquire the target language in a natural
but accelerated mode of learning. It represents a significant advance over traditional
English language learning materials. As with any new set of tools, however, teachers
and students alike need to develop techniques and strategies for using it most

Best Study Practices

The most effective study sessions are a mix of
activities and lessons. Spending too much time on an
activity or lesson in a single study session creates
boredom and inattention. You need to be focused.
Generally, most students should change activities or
lessons several times in a study session. In some
lessons, focus on listening comprehension. In other
lessons, focus on speaking practice. Some lessons
should be done every day until you have mastered
them or can summarize the entire lesson without any
effort. This develops confidence and automaticity.
Effective Study Sessions
Progress and Review

What about that Unit you studied 3 weeks ago? Is
it finished?
No, it isn’t finished. You should review it and be
prepared to use that language at any time. Your
teacher should ask you to review it often, and class
activities should assume you can understand and
express the information modeled in that unit even 2
weeks from now. It isn’t going backward – it’s going
forward by building a real skill! In this sense, going
backward can help you go ahead even faster!
Learning a language isn’t learning one thing and then
going on to another. It’s building on what you know
and using it all, in an expanding spiral.
Slow is Fast The biggest mistake learners make is trying to finish
each lesson quickly. This fails to build the foundation
and confidence necessary to improve listening and
speaking skills. If you go through each lesson several
times on many different days, practice speaking, and
review often, your overall progress will be much faster
and your test scores will improve. If you don’t do this,
you will quickly forget what you have learned.