The female passenger said, “The Prophet Jesus said, I will open the door.” he shouted and tried to open the plane door!

On a plane flying from Texas to Ohio in the USA, a female passenger jumped out of her seat and tried to open the door of the plane in the middle of the flight.

A Southwest flight bound for Ohio had to make an emergency landing in Arkansas because of an unruly passenger who authorities say tried to open an exit door midair and seriously injured someone on board.

The woman who knocked down a stewardess who told her to return to her place and hung on the exit door created great fear.

Another passenger and two crew members prevented the disaster at the last moment by stopping the woman.

The woman, who was detained in the incident on the Southwest plane, shouted to her to open the door of the plane, “Hz.Jesus said to me,” she asserted.

During the incident, the woman who was trying to open the door by biting the arms of her captors, shouted, “Jesus told me to fly to Ohio and open the plane door,” shocked those on the plane.

In her statement to the police, the woman said that she went to see a friend who is a pastor in Maryland.

It was reported that the woman left without taking any belongings with her and did not inform her husband that she was leaving as well.

The arrested passenger also stated that he had not been on the plane for a long time and that he had a fear of flying.