Third Airport of Istanbul is about to complete soon with the name of Mustafa KEMAL ATATURK Int ..

The construction of the third airport in Istanbul has been completed by more than 95 percent, According to the Maritime Affairs and Communications of Turkey as of August 10th .

The ministry said that the test flights will be launched at the third airport in Istanbul on October 25. An inaguration will be held on 29th of October.

“All flights to Ataturk airport will be suspended on October 31 this year,” the ministry announced, noting that the airport will be closed.

The third airport is being built near the Lake Terkos in northern Istanbul, in the neighboring of Arnavutköy district.

Initially, it will serve at least 100 million passengers a year. The new airport will annually serve about 150 million passengers by 2023.

After settling of ISL Airport, the number of flight destinations in Turkey will increase from 282 to 350.

Under the project, the first runway of the new airport will be 3.7 kilometers (12000 feet ) long and 60 (200 feet) meters wide (eligible and enabling  of wide body of any type of aircraft ). The second runway will be 4.1 kilometers (13500 feet) long and 60 meters wide.

Currently, construction and assembling work is underway to build 28 bridges and a hydro meteorological tower at the airport. More than 31,000 employees are involved in the construction.

About 300 passenger and service elevators will be installed at Istanbul’s third airport.

Airport City, which will include a network of shops, logistics and exhibition centers, will be also built at the new airport. Limak-Kolin-Cengiz-MaPa-Kalyon consortium of companies won the tender for construction of the airport.

The construction will cost 10 billion Turkish liras, the Turkish Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications told earlier.

Turkey’s Ziraat Bankasi assigned 1.54 billion euros for the airport’s construction, while Halkbank and Vakifbank — 1 billion euros, Denizbank — 500 million euros, Garanti and Finansbank — 300 million euros each in the last October 2017.

The first airport in Turkey was built in 1912 during the war of Balkans in the time of Ottoman Emperor  and was used for military purposes.

For the first time the Istanbul airport was opened for international flights in 1953 and in 1985 it was renamed in honor of founder of the Turkish Republic Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

Short Summary :

Istanbul New Airport (Turkishİstanbul Yeni Havalimanı) is an international airport under construction in the Arnavutköy district on the European side of IstanbulTurkey.

What will the third airport in Istanbul be named? Here is the Answer: Mustafa KEMAL ATATURK Int Airport

The airport is planned as the largest airport in the world, with a 150 million annual passenger capacity in its last planned expansion stage, while remaining upgradable to handle 200 million annual passengers if required in the future. The airport was planned due to a lack of capacity in the existing airports of Istanbul. It will be the third international airport to be built in Istanbul after Atatürk Airportand Sabiha Gökçen Airport. Atatürk Airport will be closed down for scheduled passenger flights once the new airport is operational; and its IATA code IST will be transferred to the new airport.While the IATA code of Istanbul Ataturk Airport will be ISL.