Turkish Airlines Mulls Istanbul – Mexico City Route

MIAMI — Turkish Airlines hopes to conclude agreements and permits that will allow them to reach Mexico City, the airline’s 231st international destination, reinforcing its status as the airline with the broadest international network.

This would be the first nonstop route between Mexico City and Istanbul. However, it was detailed that the flight might stop at Cancun International Airport.

Turkish Airlines practices intermediate stop on several long-haul routes in the Americas and Caribbean. The airline flies to Caracas via Havana, and to Panama City via Bogota, for instance.

The Turkish carrier boasts a broad presence in Latin America, flying to Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Panama, Venezuela, and Cuba.

Tahsin Timur Söylemez, who holds the post of Ambassador of Turkey in Mexico since August 2017, assures that there is no exact date for the new route to launch, but they are in talks and in approximately three months there should be some announcements happening.


In mid-March 2018, the airline ordered 25 new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners. It is expected that the new Mexico City flight will be served with these new planes.

Since October 3, Turkish Airlines subsidiary, Turkish Cargo, carries out air cargo operations between the Mexican capital and Istanbul, with two one-way routes: Istanbul-Mexico City via a stop in Madrid, and the Mexico City-Istanbul via stops in Bogotá, Curaçao, and Maastricht (Holland).

Even though the intentions of starting the new route are clear, Mexico City International Airport is severely congested and obtaining proper slots might prove challenging for Turkish Airlines.

Just recently, Emirates axed its plans to launch a new Dubai-Mexico City route because the Mexican authorities did not approve the asked slots by the Emirati carrier.

However, should Turkish Airlines choose to stop in Cancun, the departing or arriving time into Mexico City might change to one that better suits the operation.



Turkish Airlines will move from the Istanbul Ataturk Airport to the New Istanbul International Airport on Monday, October 29.

The new airport will give Turkish Airlines unprecedented growth opportunities. But first, the airline must accomplish the world’s largest asset move, from the old airport to the new, in the span of 48 hours.

Airways will be visiting the new airport three days ahead of its opening. Stay tuned for exclusive coverage of the world’s newest airport on October 25.